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Gino Vannelli

"Gino Vannelli" (born June 16, 1952 in Montreal, Quebec) is a Canadian singer/songwriter.

From a musical family, his father was a big band musician. Gino Vannelli played drums at a young age and after finishing high school studied musical theory at McGill University.

He eventually went to Los Angeles, California where he signed with Herb Alpert's A&M Records, releasing his first album with them in 1973. Gino's brother, Joe, served as arranger and keyboardist for most of his recording career. At a time when polyphonic synthesizers were non-existant, Joe overdubbed multiple parts to create a texture of sound that was very progressive for the early 1970s. Gino's 1978 song, "I Just Wanna Stop" earned him an American Grammy Award nomination. He won Canada's Juno Award for Best Male Artist in 1976 and 1979. Also, Gino and Joe Vannelli shared the Juno Award for Recording Engineer of the Year three times: in 1986 for "Black Cars", in 1987 for "Wild Horses"/"Young Lover", and in 1991 for "The Time of Day"/"Sunset on L.A.".

Vannelli's other hits include "Living Inside Myself" (1980) and "Wild Horses" (1987).

* "''Crazy Life"'' (1973)

* "''Powerful People"'' (19...

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