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"The Vapors" were a New Wave band from England that existed between 1979 and 1981. They had a hit with the song "Turning Japanese".

Based in Guildford in Surrey, their members were David Fenton (songwriter, guitarist and vocalist), Howard Smith (drummer), Edward Bazalgette (lead guitar) and Steve Smith (bass guitarist and vocals.)

Their early musical style owed a great deal to New Wave and Mod influences such as The Jam, Secret Affair and The Jags. Indeed, they were discovered and managed by The Jam's manager John Weller.

Remembered principally for their song "Turning Japanese", they released two albums: ''New Clear Days'' (the pun on "nuclear" being intentional) and ''Magnets''. The first was more clearly in the "traditional" New Wave style of music, while touching on social issues such as the nuclear threat as well as love themes. The second album dealt more extensively with themes of alienation, with many dark lyrics about apparently psychotic characters, including the opening track, "Jimmie Jones", about cult leader Jim Jones.

A solicitor who specializes in music law, frontman Fenton has apparently retired from his ''Vapors'' days as a music creator a...

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