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Joel Veitch

"Joel Veitch" is an English web animator and member of the B3ta collective. Veitch is owner of the web site, where he showcases many of his animations. He is most famous for the use of singing kittens both on his website and on television. Joel has also created the mildly violent Mr. Stabby animations in collaboration with Jonti Picking, and his early work includes several instalments of Tales of the Blode.

Veitch occasionally refers to himself as "Crab Bloke" (which is the name of his user account on B3ta) and "The Crab of Ineffable Wisdom". He is also the lead singer of the band 7 Seconds of Love.

Veitch was once threatened with lawsuit by Gullane Entertainment Inc. for uploading a flash cartoon which was parodying Thomas the Tank Engine. As a result, Veitch removed the animation from the site; although the link is still present, it now points to an explanation of why the animation was removed.

One of Veitch's movies, featuring a mostly instrumental remake of Destiny Child's Independent Woman by Elbow, is played and sung by the same kittens in the Crusha adverts (see below). This...

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