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Vendetta Red

Vendetta Red is a rock band with four studio albums, two of which are unavailable in most cd shops and online. They are known for their live performances, whether local or on tour in the United States. The band recently broke up, and most of the members have joined other bands.

The band started in 1998 after Zach Davidson was in a band called Plebian Cry. The original band members were Erik Chapman, Joseph Childres, Justin Cronk, Zach Davidson and later came Leif Andersen, Jeff Rouse and Burke Thomas. As natives of Seattle, the mid-nineties grunge reign inspired them all to pick up an instrument and master it well. Eventually they decided to not play a specific genre but many sub-genres mixed together.

In 1999, Vendetta Red self-released the 6 Kisses A Blatant Reminder of Why We Are Alive EP and toured the West Coast. A year later, they issued their debut album Blackout Analysis on the small Red-Button Records; White Knuckled Substance appeared in October 2001, courtesy of Loveless Records, and was well-received on local radio.

Though the band frequently told fans and even MTV2 that Zach was homeless and living in his car at the time they were signed. Some say Za...

years active 1998 - 2006
origin Seattle, Washington,
music genre Punk rock
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source: Wikipedia