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Veruca Salt

"Veruca Salt" is an alternative rock group of the 1990s and 2000s, named after Veruca Salt, a character from the novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Louise Post (guitar/vocals), Nina Gordon (guitar/vocals), Steve Lack (bass) and Jim Shapiro (drums) formed in Chicago, Illinois, releasing "Seether"/"All Hail Me" on Minty Fresh Records, an independent label, in 1994. The single was a success and Veruca Salt accompanied Hole on a tour, then released their debut full-length LP, ''American Thighs''.

After signing to Geffen Records, the band quickly gained in popularity as "Seether" became an MTV hit. The EP ''Blow It Out Your Ass, It's Veruca Salt!'' was released in 1996. Veruca Salt's popularity skyrocketed after their second full album, ''Eight Arms to Hold You'' (1997), was released. The album, produced by Bob Rock, generated the hit single ''Volcano Girls''. Shapiro left the band soon after the record was released and was replaced by Stacy Jones (of Letters to Cleo and now American Hi-Fi).

Songwriting duties were shared between Gordon and Post, though the two seldom collaborated. Instead, each would typically submit a complete song to the group and sing the lead v...

Background lightskyblue
Origin Chicago, IL, USA
Genre rock music
Years active 1993--present
Current members Louise Post
Stephen Fitzpatrick
Kellii Scott
Nicole Fiorentino
Past members Nina Gordon
Suzanne Sokol
Jimmy Madla
Gina Crosley
Jim Shapiro
Stacy Jones
Steve Lack
Mareea Patterson
Michael Miley
Eva Gardner
Toby Lang
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