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Vic Chesnutt

"Vic Chesnutt" (born on November 12 1965 in Jacksonville, Florida) is a singer-songwriter resident in Athens, Georgia. He is a paraplegic professional musician.

His songs often deal with his clinical depression, though usually from a somewhat humorous and self-deprecating perspective. His lyrics can occasionally be elliptical to the point of surreal, which is partly the result of Chesnutt's interest in poetry and poetic forms of expression. He is particularly fond of the late British poet Stevie Smith and has recorded two of her poems, including the well-known Smith poem, ''Not Waving but Drowning''.

Though much of Chesnutt's music is autobiographical, he has also recorded many songs concerning entirely fictional characters and situations. It is not always clear which is which and listeners and reviewers have often mistaken an entirely fictional story-based song as representing Chesnutt's own experiences.

There is a distinctively Southern accent to his voice. He is fond of incorporating idiomatically Southern folksy turns of phrase in his lyrics. Chesnutt is often praised for his distinctive phrasing, in which, for effect, he often draws out individual syllables fo...

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