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Vice Squad

"Vice Squad" is a punk rock band formed in 1978 in Bristol, England. The band formed from two other local punk bands The Contingent and TV Brakes. The original band line-up also played under The Name "''The Sex Aids''". Songwriter and vocalist Beki Bondage (born "Rebecca Louise Bond") has been with the band in the original line-up and when the band reformed in 1998. She is often cited as being the first ''punk pin-up'' featuring on the front cover of a number of influential music tabloids such as ''Melody Maker'', ''NME'', and ''Smash Hits''.

Current line-up:

* Beki Bondage - Songwriter, vocals

* Paul Rooney - Songwriter, guitars

* Michael Gianquinto - Bass guitar

* Tony Piper - Drums

Past members:

* Dave Bateman - Songwriter, guitars

* Mark Hambly - Bass guitar

* Shane Baldwin - Drums

* Lia - Vocals (on the album ''Shot Away'')

* Sooty - Guitar (on the album ''Shot Away'')

* ''Last Rockers'' (1980) EP

* ''Resurrection'' (1981) EP

* ''No Cause for Concern'' (1981)

* ''Live in Sheffield'' (1981)

* ''Stand Strong, Stand Proud'' (1982)

* ''Stand Strong'' (1982) EP

* ''State of the Nation'' (1982) EP

* ''Shot Away'' (1985...

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