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Vico C

"Vico C" (born "Armando Lozada Cruz" on September 8, 1971) is a Puerto Rican rapper and singer who is considered one of the founders of hip hop in spanish or latin hip hop. He was born in New York but raised in Puerto Rico. Nicknamed ''The Philosopher'', he adopted the professional name "Vico C", by which he is better known, to honor both the philosopher Giambattista Vico and his mother (by including the letter C in the name, Cruz is his mother's last name).

Vico C grew up in the ''Puerta de Tierra'' barrio in San Juan. He got enrolled in acting classes by the age of nine and began his professional rapping career in 1984. At first, he used to go to bodegas (grocery stores) or pharmacies, buy home recording tapes, record himself singing his songs and then sell the tapes to friends or family. His first production earned him a grand total of 20 dollars.

In 1989, Vico C finally got his first big break. Rap in Puerto Rico was at a popular high, and Ruben DJ had become extremely popular with his radio hit ''La Escuela'' (''The School''). Vico C entered the charts with his super hit ''La Recta Final'' (''The Final Stretch''). With ''La Recta Final'', ''Vico C'' reached internat...

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