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Virgin Steele

"Virgin Steele" is a heavy metal band from New York, founded in 1981.

They play what they call "barbaric-romantic" metal, which is very symphonic and contains many elements from classical music.

Band-leader David DeFeis describes the music as "From a whisper to a scream, barbaric, romantic, bombastic, yet subtle, grandiose, yet earthy. A call, a shout, an invocation to Freedom and the continual awakening to the awareness that every moment of life is lived to its fullest potential. It is a force, a sacred quest which drives Virgin Steele on."

Many Virgin Steele songs are mythological, dealing with subjects from especially Greek and Christian mythology. Some of their albums are concept albums.

The later albums tend to be more epic and mythological. On the early albums (up till ''Life Among the Ruins''), many songs are more real-life based stories of love and sex.

According to David DeFeis, all the lyrics he writes are based on real life in some form or another.

The band was founded at the beginning of the Eighties by Jack Starr, a guitarist of French origins, who wanted to look for the right elements to form the ultimate heavy metal band. The...

years active 1981 - present
status Active
country United States
music genre Heavy metal music
current members David Defeis
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source: Wikipedia