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Virginia Coalition

Virginia Coalition is a rock band from Alexandria, Virginia, who met in the late 1980s through their music class at T.C. Williams High School. Referred to as VACO by fans, the band released their first album, The Colors of The Sound in 1998. VACO's live shows are known for their party-like atmosphere.

The band's current lineup consists of:

  • Andrew Poliakoff - lead vocals, guitar, percussion
  • Paul Ottinger - keyboards, percussion, vocals, bass guitar, guitar
  • Jarrett Nicolay - bass guitar, banjo, guitar, vocals, Casio
  • John Patrick - drums, vocals, trailer

Former songwriter and lead guitarist Steve Dawson left the band in late 2003. Dawson was a significant contributor to the band's first three albums.

== Discography =

  • 1998 - The Colors of The Sound
  • 2000 - Townburg
  • 2003 - Rock and Roll Party
  • 2003 - "Fake Out Takes" (Not For Production)
  • 2004 - OK to Go
  • 2005 - The Bob Years

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