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Vox Dei

"Vox Dei" (Latin: ''God's Voice'') is an Argentine rock band. Its most prolific years were the 1970s, having recorded 10 albums.

The band's original members were Jorge Carlos "Yody" Godoy (guitar and vocals), Ricardo Soulé (guitar and vocals), Rubén Basoalto (drums) and Willie Quiroga (bass and vocals).

In 1968 they recorded a version of Percy Sledge's "When a man loves a woman", and the company Mandioca organized a "test" for them in the Payró theatre. The members of Manal and Almendra were also present, and a few hours later they played together. In 1970 they recorded for Mandioca their first album ''Caliente''.

In the B.A. Rock Festival Vox Dei played the first part of the theme "Genesis", which had no lyrics yet. In February 1971 they released ''La Biblia'' (literally: 'The Bible'). This album was a turning point in the history of Argentine rock; even the Archdiocese, that had asked to examine the lyrics, recommended young people to buy it.

Right after the recording of ''La Biblia'', Jorge Godoy left the band and was replaced by Ignacio Smilari.

In 1972 they re-edited their first album and recorded the third one, ''Jeremías, pies de plomo''. During the...

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