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The Waitresses were an experimental New Wave band from Kent, Ohio,1 United States. The group was led by Chris Butler, although lead vocals were performed by Patty Donahue, who died of lung cancer on December 9, 1996.

They were best known for their songs "I Know What Boys Like", featured on countless new wave compilation albums, the theme song to the cult TV show Square Pegs, and their Christmas song "Christmas Wrapping." The latter covered by Save Ferris and the Spice Girls.

Chris Butler's diverse musical interests are apparent from the use of prepared piano on "No Guilt", microtonal background vocals on the chorus of "Wise Up", tape loops and short wave receiver on "Jimmy Tomorrow", and the title of "Make the Weather", taken from Hugo Ball's autobiography Flight out of Time. Saxophonist and reed player Mars Williams had also worked as Anthony Braxton's copyist.

They released two albums - "Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful" and "Bruise...

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