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"Warfaze" is a hard rock band from Bangladesh with elements of heavy metal and progressive metal/progressive rock in some of their songs. They were one of the first such bands of this genre in the country.

Warfaze was formed on 5th June, 1984. The initial line up was made up of:

*Kamal - bass guitar

*Helal - drums

*Mir - lead guitar

*Naimul - lead guitar

*Bappi - vocal

At this stage, the band was not very popular. The initial line up did not continue for long either. Helal, Mir and Bappi had to leave the band for personal reasons. Kamal started playing the lead guitar for the band at this stage and the rest of he positions were filled with Babna as the bassist, Tipu as the drummer and Rashed as the vocalist. This second line up had to be discontinued when Naimul immigrated to the USA.

During that time, there were three other Dhaka-based metal bands: Rockstrata, In Dhaka and Aces. Mashuk, the lead guitar of In Dhaka, and Fuad (of the same band) volunteered to help Warfaze as a guest member.

Early on, Warfaze only played cover music of American and British bands. On 26 April 1991 for the first time they performed their own songs at a conce...

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