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"Waterdown" is a band from Osnabrück, Germany. They play music of the hardcore/emocore genre. The band started in 2000 and consists of six members: Axel Pralat (guitar), Michael Janczak (vocals), Phillip Meyer (drums), Christian Kruse (bass), Holger Behrens (guitar), and Ingo Rieser (vocals). The band is signed to Victory Records. The band's first release was ''Never Kill The Boy On The First Date'', which put them on the map in both Europe and America. This was followed by their sophomore release ''The Files You Have On Me''. They then toured until one of their vocalists left the band in 2004. However, in 2005, they found their current vocalist, Michael "Zacken" Janczak. After acquiring Janczak, production on their new album, ''All Riot'' began immediately. ''All Riot'' came out January 24, 2006.

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