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"Wave" was a Canadian pop/rock duo. The band members were Dave Thomson and Paul Gigliotti, who formed the band after graduating from high school in 1999. They were signed by Warner Music Canada and released their debut album, ''Nothing As It Seems''. Their radio single "California" quickly increased in airplay and reached #1 on the Canadian pop charts. Wave opened for O-Town and Canadian group soulDecision on their tours.

* ''Nothing As It Seems'' (2001) ''Warner Music Canada''

* ''State Of Mind'' (2003) ''Warner Music Canada''

* ''California''

* ''Think It Over''

* ''Sleepless''

* ''That's How It Feels''

* ''Don't Say Sarah''

* ''Moon Under Water''

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years active c. 1999–present
origin Canada
music genre Pop Rock
current members Dave Thomson, guitars
Paul Gigliotti, vocals
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia