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Wayne Hancock

"Wayne "The Train" Hancock" is a country musician.

Hancock was born in 1965. He began writing songs at the age of 12, and at 18 won a talent contest called the "Wrangler County Showdown." Immediately after the contest, he was shipped to boot camp, and served four years with the United States Marine Corps. In 1994 he performed in the musical ''Chippy''. Hancock released his debut album in 1995, and has continued to tour and record albums since then. He lives in Texas.

Hank Williams III, who is oft compared to Hancock, has recorded some of Hancock's material.

* ''Thunderstorms and Neon Signs'' (Deja Disc, 1995)

* ''Wild, Free and Wreckless'' (ARK 21, 1999) enhanced

* ''That's What Daddy Wants'' (ARK 21, 2000)

* ''Thunderstorms and Neon Signs'' (re-released on ARK 21, 2000)

* ''A-Town Blues'' (Bloodshot Records, 2001)

* ''Swing Time'' (Bloodshot Records, 2003)

Wayne Hancock is one on the pre-eminent country swing artists in the vein of Hank Williams and Hank Thompson, as well as the many other truly roots bound folk acts of our age.

* Wayne "The Train" Hancock's Official web site

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