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We Are Scientists

"We Are Scientists" is an American indie rock band featuring Keith Murray (guitar and lead vocals), Chris Cain (bass guitar and backing vocals) and Michael Tapper (drums and backing vocals). They formed in 2000.

In their own words, they create "rock music of the thoughtful, sometimes epic, often loud, vaguely danceable, implicitly humanist variety".

The band formed while its members attended the Claremont Colleges. Keith Murray and Chris Cain attended Pomona College; Michael Tapper attended Harvey Mudd College. The trio frequently perform free shows at the Colleges.

The band has released two self-made LPs and two self-made EPs - Safety, Fun and Learning (In That Order) LP, Bitchin' LP, Inaction EP, and The Wolf's Hour EP - and released their major label debut LP, With Love And Squalor on EMI/Virgin Records. The first three singles are "Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt", "The Great Escape" and "It's a Hit", though allegedly videos have been made for every song on the album, as multiple unreleased and alternate videos have been leaked onto video websites.

In 2006, We Are Scientists began touring with Arctic Monkeys, Maxïmo Park and Mystery Jets as part of the NME ...

years active 2000 - present
origin Claremont, California
music genre Indie rock
current members Keith Murray (rock)
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia