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"The Weekend" is a pop-rock band from London, Ontario Canada, whose first performance was in 1998.

Co-founders Andrea Wasse (vocals, chief songwriter) and Link C.(synthesizer, programming) were in high school when they formed the band with Lorien Jones (bass) and Mike Clive (drums).

Mike Clive was also a member of the London group The New Grand, a pop-rock quartet who, at the time, were signed to the prestigious indie label Sonic Unyon. This association may have helped The Weekend avoid common hardships of being in an independent band.

Its second performance was as an opening act for an audience of over 500 people. The Weekend quickly gained a loyal audience in the Southwestern Ontario independent music scene.

Because of the use of synthesizer in its early albums, some listeners may observe that the band had a distinct New Wave feel. The addition of former Sinclaire guitarist Ryan Ford in its later album may have transformed its sound towards a harder rock edge, with the New Wave aspect in decline in favor of an etheral, Brian Eno production style.

The Weekend has issued three albums and continues to produce pop music with themes that revolv...

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