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Wild Cherry

"Wild Cherry" was a rock band that had a huge hit with the funk song "Play That Funky Music" in 1976.

Singer, guitarist, and songwriter Rob Parissi formed the band in 1970 in Steubenville, Ohio, getting the name for the band off a box of cough drops while he was in the hospital. They played around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, until they got a record contract with Brown Bag Records. After some time with the label without issuing any albums, the band broke up, and Parissi started managing a steakhouse.

Soon after, Parissi formed the band again with new people. The new lineup had Mark Ausec on the keyboards, Bryan Bassett on the guitar, Allen Wentz on the bass, and Ronald Beitle on the drums. The band as they started to play sets, being in a disco dominated time, started to be asked by listeners to "play that funky music." Parissi, inspired by this line, wrote a disco song on it, and the band entered a studio to record it. A man at the studio hearing the song brought the band to the attention of Epic Records, which then signed the group, and suggested recording the song as an A-side instead of as the B-side to a cover version of the Commodores' "I Feel Sanctified," as had been ...

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