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Will Haven

"Will Haven" is a metalcore band from Sacramento, California, USA.


* Grady Avenell - vocals

* Mike Martin - bass guitar

* Mitch Wheeler - drums

* Jeff Irwin - guitar

* Cayle Hunter - guitar (as of 2005)


*Wayne Morse - drums (1995-2000)

*Dave Hulse - drums (2000-2001)

*Chris Robeyn - drums (2000)

In 1995, Will Haven, named after a fictional, self-created character, formed and released a six-track demo. The band was formed from members of Sock, a band that was formed with Shaun Lopez of Far. Will Haven's debut self-titled, seven-track EP was released in 1996, to positive reviews. A year later, the quartet was signed to Revelation. Singer Grady Avenell guested on two Far tracks - ''9 Miles'', and a cover of Band Aid's ''Do They Know It's Christmas Time?'' with Chino Moreno of Deftones.

1997 saw the release of full-length ''El Diablo'' bringing them increasing attention and a growing fanbase. In 1999, they released ''WHVN'', arguably their heaviest album to date. The song ''Jaworksi'' is named after Red Tape's frontman and friend Jeff Jaworksi, who was Jeff Irwin's guitar tech at the time; and ''Slopez'' is named after Shaun Lopez, who was...

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