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Kevin Bloody Wilson

"Kevin Bloody Wilson" (born 1947 in Sydney, Australia) is a short, bearded comedy singer/songwriter who uses a heavy Australian accent/style with great success. Without the aid of radio or TV coverage (his songs have explicit lyrics), he has built up a loyal following all over the world, from Australia to the United Kingdom and beyond.

Although he identifies himself with Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, where he was an electrician in the gold mines, he was actually born in Sydney.

His real name is Dennis Bryant, but in the 1970s he fronted his own band called Bryan Dennis and the Country Club. He also used the name Bryan Dennis when he hosted a country music show on 6KG in Kalgoorlie from 1973 - 1980.

He moved to Perth and began playing bawdy songs at pubs and football clubs, and in 1984 he put together a cassette of his songs called ''Your Average Australian Yobbo'', which he sold at gigs and by mail order. He managed to sell 22,000 copies of the cassette before it was eventually transferred to LP, where it went on to sell many thousands more.

This was followed by ''Kev's Back (The Return of the Yobbo)'' (1985), ''Born Again Piss Tank'' (1987), ''My...

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