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Xandria is a band, founded in Bielefeld, Germany, in 2000. The bands music combines elements of doom metal, gothic metal and symphonic metal making it hard to define exactly what music genre they are part of.

After various demos and great success on different MP3 portals, they released their first album in 2003, entitled Kill the Sun, which reached #98 on the German music charts. The follow-up album, Ravenheart (2004), stayed on the charts for 7 weeks, reaching #36.

== Members =

  • Lisa Middelhauve – vocal, piano
  • Marco Heubaum – guitar
  • Philip Restemeier – guitar
  • Nils Middelhauve – bass
  • Gerit Lamm – drums

== Discography =

  • Kill the Sun (2003)
  • Ravenheart (2004)
  • India (2005)

  • Eversleeping (2004)

== External links =

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