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"Yazoo" (known as "Yaz" in the U.S.) were a short-lived but highly successful English electropop duo from Basildon, Essex that had a number of top ten hits in the British charts in the early 1980s.

Heavily influenced by earlier bands like Kraftwerk, Yazoo expanded upon the synthpop formula by juxtaposing Alison Moyet's bluesy emotional vocals with Vince Clarke's clinical electronic hooks. Their sound referenced disco but added a more disaffected attitude that disco lacked. Their second album saw greater songwriting input from Moyet, adding a rather more mature and soulful flavour, particularly on the hit single "Nobody's Diary".

The group was formed in 1981, using a moniker that Alison Moyet, veteran of a number of southeast Essex based punk and rock bands, had seen on the labels of old blues albums: 'Yazoo'. Clarke had been the main songwriter in Depeche Mode, who at that point had recorded one album and three singles for Mute Records, including the hits "New Life" and "Just Can't Get Enough". Clarke surprised many by quitting Depeche Mode just as they were beginning to reap success, claiming that they "just weren't getting on, really", forming Yazoo with the then re...

years active 1982 — 1983
country Basildon, England
music genre Electropop
current members Alison Moyet (Singer)
Vince Clarke (Synthesizer)
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia