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Yellow Monkey

Yellow Monkey

"The Yellow Monkey" (ザイエローモンキー), often abbreviated to "yemon" (イエモン), is a popular Japanese rock band formed in 1989. Its name derives from an ethnic slur and is an ironic reference to the belief that Japanese rock groups could never be "authentic".

In 2003, HMV Records Japan rated them #81 in their "Top 100 Japanese pops Artists".

Although band activities were ceased starting from January 2001, except for later releases of band material such as compilations and DVDs, The Yellow Monkey actually broke up on July 7, 2004.

01.- Bunched Birth (July 211991)

1. Bunched Birth

2. Welcome To My Doghouse

3. Fairy Land

4. Lovers on Backstreet

5. Hang Onto Yourself

6. Sleepless Imagination

7. Tears Of Chameleon (Mr. PAPER MOON)

02.- The Night Snails and Plastic Boogie (June 211992)

1. Song For Night Snails

2. Subjective Late Show

3. Oh! Golden Boys

4. Neurotic Celebration

5. Chelsea Girl

6. Unpleasant 6th Avenue

7. This Is For You

8. Foxy Blue Love

9. Pearl Light of Revolution

10. Romantist Taste

11. Walkin' In Sunshine

03.- Experience Movie (March 11993)

1. Morali...

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