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Yoko Kanno

"Yoko Kanno" (菅野 よう子) ''Kanno Yōko'', born March 19, 1964 in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan) is a famous composer and keyboardist known for her performances and musical scores in anime titles.

Some of her most famous soundtrack themes include "Voices" (''Macross Plus''), "Tank!" (''Cowboy Bebop''), "Yakusoku wa Iranai" (''Escaflowne''), "Gravity" (''Wolf's Rain''), "Inner Universe" and ''Stand Alone Complex O.S.T'' (''Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex''). She was the lead member of a band called ''The Seatbelts'', which regrouped in the year of 2004 to compose the soundtrack of the ''Cowboy Bebop'' game, scheduled for a 2006 US release. It was also rumored that Yoko Kanno will be making the opening theme for the live-action series ''Kamen Rider Kabuto'', with the song being titled "FIRE", but this rumor has been proven false, as the Kabuto opening is "NEXT LEVEL" by YU-KI; however, this rumor is not dead as indicated by past shows, many of the Rider shows change their openings midway through the series and since the series is almost midway through its season, there's possibility the show will change its opening.

She has composed for many Koei games released ...

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