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Young Fresh Fellows

Young Fresh Fellows

"Young Fresh Fellows" is an American alternative rock group that as formed in 1982 in Seattle, Washington by Scott McCaughey, and included original members Chuck Carroll and Tad Hutchison.

Their first album was 1984's ''The Fabulous Sounds of the Pacific Northwest'' after which Jim Sangster joined the group on bass and McCaughey switched from bass to guitar. Carroll left the group in 1988, and was replaced by Kurt Bloch from The Fastbacks.

The band is still together, and hadn't released new material since 1995's ''Temptation on a Saturday'' until the split release with the Minus 5, ''Because We Hate You''. McCaughey has given more attention to the Minus 5 since then, while Bloch and Sangster have formed the band Sgt. Major, and Hutchison is working more on visual art and design.

They got a shout out from infmous nerd rockers They Might Be Giants, in the song Twisting

"She doesnt have to have/Her Young Fresh Fellows tape back now/But theres not a lot of things/That she'll take back"

*''The Fabulous Sounds of the Pacific Northwest'' (CD/LP) - PopLlama - 1984

*''Topsy Turvy'' (CD/LP) - PopLlama - 1985

*''The Men Who Loved Music'' (CD/LP) - Frontier Rec...

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