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Yummy Fur

The Yummy Fur were an indie band from Glasgow, formed in 1992, and disbanded 1999.

Lead singer and guitarist John McKeown? was joined by a regularly changing lineup of other musicians, including drummer Paul Thomson who joined in 1997. Original keyboard player Mark Gibbons sadly killed himself in 1997. Alex Kapranos (then known as Alex Huntley) joined in 1998. Thomson and Kapranos would later become the drummer and lead vocalist respectively in internationally successful Glasgow indie band Franz Ferdinand.

John McKeown? has since gone on to form the band 1990s.

The Yummy Fur released a number of singles as well as four albums; Night Club on Newcastle punk/indie label Slampt, Male Shadow at 3 O'Clock on Scottish label Vesuvius, and Kinky Cinema and Sexy World on London based label Guided Missile.


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