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Yung Wun

"Yung Wun" was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Yung Wun spent his adolescent years training for battle in the Eastlake Meadows housing projects, otherwise known as "Little Vietnam." His family later recollected to the Mc Daniel Glenn housing projects where they still reside today. Early on, Yung Wun's blessed poetic gifts were overshadowed by the effects of a ruthless environment, making his misguided youth easy prey for the "ghetto and it's wicked ways." Yung Wun became immersed in its' confusion, agitating his childhood innocence. By the age of six, he had surrendered to the war on the streets. Yung Wun had numerous encounters with police as he took part in random lawlessness, which landed him in the throws of the juvenile justice system. It was during the height of this pandemonium; Yung Wun found relief from this madness through lyrical expression. He began rhyming as a form of escape. He even won several oratorical contests and writing awards. Yung Wun's grandmother, Vera, was his angel amidst the hell on earth. She would continually plead with her grandson to get off the streets and concentrate on his God given talents of speaking and writing. In the single most pivotal moment of h...
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