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Zeni Geva

Zeni Geva is a Japanese rock band. Led by singer and guitarist KK. Null, the group was formed in Tokyo in 1987. The group's name translates as "money violence" ("zeni" is an old Japanese term for money, and "Geva" comes from the German "Gewalt," meaning "violence").

Zeni Geva's sound has been variously described as noise rock, math rock, death metal, thrash metal, and industrial metal. Though it does indeed encompass the power chords, growled vocals, and sonic brutality of heavy metal, it is more rhythmically complex than most metal (with some songs, for example, being in 13/8 meter), making the math rock label an appropriate one. Null's muscular build, shaven head, and commanding vocal delivery makes him an intimidating frontman for the group; his stage demeanor can be reminiscent of a military drill officer issuing orders.

The Chicago-based Skin Graft Records, which shares Zeni Geva's extreme aesthetic preferences, has shown interest in the group, releasing the band's music and assisting with its North American tours.

==Current Members=

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