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Zero Down


"Zero Down" was a punk rock trio formed by former Strung Out bassist Jim Cherry, former Down By Law drummer Milo Todesco and former War Called Peace guitarist John McCree. Frontman Cherry (who was also bassist and songwriter for Epitaph Records band Pulley) enlisted the support of Fat Wreck Chords owner Fat Mike, who released the band's first (and only) album, ''With A Lifetime To Pay'' in 2001. The music was a throwback to mid-90s melodic skate punk (no surprise given the pedigree of Zero Down's members), and was well-received. The band added a fourth member in August 2001, ex-Lagwagon guitarist Shawn Dewey.

Zero Down came to a premature demise on July 7 2002 with the death of Jim Cherry, due to a life-long heart condition. Early reports suggested that Cherry died from an accidental prescription drug overdose; Fat Wreck Chords released the following statement on July 10 :

However, in December 2002 the label released a further statement concerning Cherry's death .


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* ''Fat Music Vol. V: Live Fat, Die Young'' (2001, Fat Wreck Chords with the song ''Down This Roa...

years active 2000 in music
music genre punk rock
current members Jim Cherry
Milo Todesco
John McCree
Shawn Dewey (2001-2002)
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia