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Zoegirl is a Christian soft rock band made up of Chrissy Conway-Katina, Alisa Childers and Kristin Schweain, who burst onto the scene with their debut album in 2000, which had four different top five radio hits. In 2002, Zoegirl was given a Dove Award for the top New Artist of the Year. Since then they have released three more albums and one extended play disc.

Zoegirl is available on iTunes. *ZOEgirl, 2000 (Sparrow / EMD) *Life, 2001 (Sparrow / EMD) *Mix of Life, 2002 (Sparrow / EMD) *Different Kind of Free, 2003 (Sparrow / EMD) *Room to Breathe, 2005 (Sparrow / EMD) *With All Of My Heart - The Greatest Hits, 2005 (Sparrow / EMD)

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