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Raymond van het Groenewoud

"Raymond van het Groenewoud" (Schaarbeek, 14 februari 1950) is one of the most popular Belgian music artists. He is of Dutch descent and sings mostly in Dutch. His career started in 1973 and he has since scored many hits in Flanders and the Netherlands, in many different styles. His biggest hits include ''Vlaanderen Boven'', ''Meisjes'', ''Je veux de l'amour'' and ''Liefde voor muziek''. He refers to himself as a musician but also a poet, philosopher and clown.

His debut was as a guitar player with Johan Verminnen. In 1972 he starts the group "Louisette" with Erik Van Neygen. A number of solo albums follow, accompanied by his group "De Centimeters". In 1977 he scores his first hit with ''Meisjes'' from the album ''Nooit meer drinken''.

His lyrics are sometimes happy, sometimes sad, jovial or philosophical. In 1980 he has his first success in the Netherlands with a concert at Pinkpop and the hit ''Je veux de l'amour''.

In 1990 most of his songs are re-recorded for a collection album, with a new single ''Liefde voor muziek'' which is a parody of the gospel of James Brown in the movie Blues Brothers. It reaches number 1 in Belgium and the Netherlands.

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