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A11 variations

A11=000123_7 A11=311123_7 A11=011123_7 A11=001123_7 A11=200212_8 A11=300212_8 A11=000212_8 A11=000012_8 A11=020121_9 A11=020021_9 A11=000021_9 A11=200213_8 A11=000020_1 A11=300020_1 A11=340220_1 A11=300220_1 A11=320010_3 A11=323010_3 A11=340230_1 A11=210020_4 A11=000130_6 A11=300120_7 A11=301120_7 A11=200210_8 A11=200010_8 A11=120120_9 A11=120020_9 A11=100020_9 A11=000023_1 A11=040223_1 A11=000223_1 A11=040233_1 A11=042233_1 A11=320031_3 A11=020013_3 A11=023013_3 A11=011211_5 A11=111211_5 A11=010022_4 A11=120033_3 A11=210022_4
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