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Am9 variations

Am9=111322_7 Am9=002211_8 Am9=002011_8 Am9=032031_8 Am9=002031_8 Am9=003001_8 Am9=211002_7 Am9=011002_7 Am9=111002_7 Am9=001002_7 Am9=002001_8 Am9=301110_5 Am9=102210_8 Am9=102010_8 Am9=132030_8 Am9=102030_8 Am9=313300_3 Am9=131100_5 Am9=001100_5 Am9=103300_3 Am9=101100_5 Am9=301100_5 Am9=103000_8 Am9=010001_0 Am9=313000_3 Am9=211000_7 Am9=201000_7 Am9=102000_8 Am9=332200_1 Am9=313200_3 Am9=003301_3 Am9=032203_1 Am9=331111_5 Am9=013303_3 Am9=031101_5 Am9=001101_5 Am9=013003_3 Am9=013203_3 Am9=131113_5 Am9=001113_5 Am9=211321_7 Am9=001103_5 Am9=211001_7
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