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Em6 variations

Em6=NN2212_8 Em6=013023_7 Em6=032012_8 Em6=021101_9 Em6=313003_7 Em6=013003_7 Em6=113003_7 Em6=021001_9 Em6=022020_1 Em6=322020_1 Em6=012120_4 Em6=313020_7 Em6=232010_8 Em6=012300_4 Em6=031200_5 Em6=331200_5 Em6=121100_9 Em6=042000_1 Em6=342000_1 Em6=012000_4 Em6=123000_3 Em6=313000_7 Em6=121000_9 Em6=342400_1 Em6=012100_4 Em6=123200_3 Em6=022023_1 Em6=042423_1 Em6=022423_1 Em6=322423_1 Em6=042003_1 Em6=342003_1 Em6=023001_3 Em6=042403_1 Em6=023201_3 Em6=031213_5 Em6=031203_5 Em6=313001_7
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