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Gm6 variations

Gm6=031213_8 Gm6=031013_8 Gm6=010030_1 Gm6=310030_1 Gm6=012030_1 Gm6=312030_1 Gm6=130110_3 Gm6=310330_1 Gm6=033110_3 Gm6=210010_5 Gm6=230010_5 Gm6=211010_5 Gm6=130130_3 Gm6=033130_3 Gm6=120230_6 Gm6=012120_7 Gm6=120030_6 Gm6=331010_8 Gm6=010033_1 Gm6=012033_1 Gm6=030111_3 Gm6=010333_1 Gm6=NN2333_1 Gm6=033111_3 Gm6=030131_3 Gm6=033131_3 Gm6=133131_3 Gm6=011312_5 Gm6=211312_5 Gm6=031312_5 Gm6=010012_5 Gm6=210012_5 Gm6=030012_5 Gm6=230012_5 Gm6=011012_5 Gm6=020231_6 Gm6=020031_6 Gm6=120031_6
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