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G/A variations

G/A=302013_8 G/A=N21022_9 G/A=201022_9 G/A=000011_0 G/A=201002_9 G/A=N20233_1 G/A=300433_1 G/A=300211_3 G/A=N03211_3 G/A=330001_3 G/A=300003_1 G/A=300001_3 G/A=333001_3 G/A=300203_1 G/A=320203_1 G/A=330201_3 G/A=300403_1 G/A=300201_3 G/A=100213_3 G/A=N03213_3 G/A=N11301_5 G/A=101301_5 G/A=301301_5 G/A=130003_3 G/A=110001_5 G/A=310001_5 G/A=100003_3 G/A=100001_5 G/A=300001_5 G/A=133003_3 G/A=111001_5 G/A=311001_5 G/A=113001_5 G/A=313001_5 G/A=130203_3 G/A=100203_3 G/A=N22102_4 G/A=100121_7 G/A=N01121_7 G/A=N03121_7 G/A=100021_7 G/A=101303_5 G/A=301303_5 G/A=110003_5 G/A=100003_5 G/A=100001_7 G/A=111003_5 G/A=113003_5 G/A=313003_5
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