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Ripple  Undefined

[G]┬ ┬ ┬ ┬ ┬ [C]┬ ┬ ┬ ┬ ┬ [G]┬ ┬ ┬ ┬ ┬ [D]┬ ┬ ┬ ┬ ┬ [C]┬ ┬ ┬ ┬ ┬ [G]
If┬ my┬ words┬ could┬ glow┬ with┬ the┬ glow┬ of┬ [C]sunshine
And┬ my┬ tunes┬ were┬ played┬ on┬ the┬ harp┬ un[G]strung
Would┬ you┬ hear┬ my┬ voice┬ come┬ through┬ the┬ [C]music?
Would┬ you┬ [G]hold┬ it┬ [D]near┬ [C]as┬ it┬ were┬ your┬ [G]own?
It's┬ a┬ hand-me-down;┬ the┬ thoughts┬ are┬ [C]broken
Perhaps┬ they're┬ better┬ left┬ un[G]sung.
I┬ don't┬ know;┬ don't┬ really┬ [C]care
[G]Let┬ there┬ be┬ [D]songs┬ [C]to┬ fill┬ the┬ [G]air.
[Am]Ripple┬ in┬ still┬ [D]water
Where┬ there┬ [G]is┬ no┬ pebble┬ [C]tossed
Nor┬ [A]wind┬ to┬ [D]blow
Reach┬ out┬ your┬ [G]hand┬ if┬ your┬ cup┬ is┬ [C]empty
If┬ your┬ cup┬ is┬ full,┬ may┬ it┬ be┬ a[G]gain
Let┬ it┬ be┬ known┬ there┬ is┬ a┬ [C]fountain
[G]That┬ was┬ not┬ [D]made┬ [C]by┬ the┬ hand┬ of┬ [G]men
There┬ is┬ a┬ road┬ no┬ simple┬ [C]highway
Between┬ the┬ dawn┬ and┬ the┬ dark┬ of┬ [G]night
And┬ if┬ you┬ go┬ no┬ one┬ may┬ [C]guide┬ you
[G]That┬ path┬ is┬ [D]for┬ [C]your┬ steps┬ a[G]lone
You┬ must┬ [G]choose┬ to┬ lead┬ or┬ [C]follow
But┬ if┬ you┬ fall┬ you┬ fall┬ [G]alone
And┬ if┬ you┬ stand┬ then┬ who's┬ to┬ [C]guide┬ you?
[G]If┬ I┬ knew┬ the┬ [D]way,┬ [C]I┬ would┬ take┬ you┬ [G]home.
Verse┬ chords┬ over┬ the┬ hum;┬ everybody┬ sing!
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