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Sweet Thing  David Bowie



[C] [D/C] [C] [D/C] [C] 
It's safe in the [D/C]city,[C] to love in a [D/C]doorway [C]
To wrangle some[D] screens from the [Em]door [D]
And isn't it [C]me,[D/C] putting pain[C] in a stranger? [D/C]
Like a portrait in [C]flesh, who [D]trails on a [Em]leash
[D]Will you [C]see[D/C] that I'm scared[C] and I'm lone[D/C]ly?
So I'll break up my [C]room, and [D]yawn and I[Em]
Run to the [D]center of[Bm] things,
Where the knowing one says
[Dm]Boys, [Am]boys, it's a [G]sweet thing
[Dm]Boys, [Am]boys, it's a [F]sweet thing, sweet thing [G]
If you [Dm]want it, bo[Am/C]ys, get it [G/B]here, thing [G]
'Cause [Dm]hope, boys,[Am] is a [F]cheap thing, cheap thin[G]g [C]
I'm glad that you're [D/C]older than me [C]
Makes me feel im[D/C]portant and free [C]
Does that make you [D]smile, isn't that[Em] me? [D]
I'm in your [C]way,[D/C] and I'll steal[C] every moment [D/C]
If his trade is a [C]curse, then I'll [D]bless you
And[Em] turn to the [D]crossroads of [Bm]hamburgers, and
[Dm]Boys, [Am]boys, it's a [G]sweet thing
[Dm]Boys, [Am]boys, it's a [F]sweet thing, sweet thing [G]
If you [Dm]want it, bo[Am/C]ys, get it [G/B]here, thing [G]
'Cause [Dm]hope, boys,[Am] is a [F]cheap thing, cheap thin[G]g
[D] [F#m] [Bm] [Bb]  
[D] [Gm/D] [D] [Gm/D]  
[D] [F#m] [Bm] [Bb]  
[D] [Gm/D] [D] [Gm/D] [D] 
[Dm] [Am] [G]  
[Dm] [Am] [G]  
[Dm] [Am] [G]  
[Dm] [Am] [G]  
[Dm] [Am] [G]  
I'll make you a [Dm]deal, like any [Am]other candidate
We'll pre[G]tend we're walking home 'cause your future's at stake
My [Dm]set is amazing, it even [Am]smells like a street
There's a [G]bar at the end where I can meet you and your friend
[Dm]Someone scrawled on the wall "I smell the [Am]blood of les tricoteuses" [G]
Who wrote up scandals in other bars
I'm having[Dm] so much fun with the [Am]poisonous people
Spreading [G]rumours and lies and stories they made up
[Dm]Some make you sing and s[Am]ome make you scream
[G]One makes you wish that you've never been seen
But there's a [Dm]shop on the corner that's selling [Am]paper mache
Making [G]bulletproof faces, Charlie Manson, Cassius Clay
If you [Dm]want it, [Am]boys, get it [G]here, thing
So you [Dm]scream out of line "I [Am]want you! I need you!
[G]Anyone out there? Any time?"
[Dm]Tres butch little number whines "Hey [Am]dirty, I want you
When it's [G]good, it's really good, and when it's bad I go to pieces"
If you [Dm]want it, [Am]boys, get it [G]here, thing
Well, on the [Dm]street where you live I could not [Am]hold up my head
For I [G]put all I have in another bed
On another [Dm]floor, in the [Am]back of a car
In the [G]cellar like a church with the door ajar
Well, I [Dm]guess we must be looking for a [Am]different kind
But we [G]can't stop trying 'til we break up our minds
'Til the [Dm]sun drips blood on the [Am]seedy young nights
Who [G]press you on the ground while shaking in fright
I g[Dm]uess we could cruise down [Am]one more time
With [G]you by my side, it should be fine
We'll [Dm]buy some drugs and [Am]watch a band
Then j[G]ump in the river holding hands
"SWEET THING (reprise)"
[Dm] [Am] [G]  
[Dm] [Am] [G]  
If you [Dm]want it, bo[Am/C]ys, get it [G]here, thing
'Cause [Dm]hope, boys,[Am] is a [F]cheap thing, cheap thin[G]g [C]
Is it nice in your [D/C]snow storm,[C] freezing your [D/C]brain? [C]
Do you think that your [D]face looks the [Em]same? [D]
Then let it [C]be,[D/C] it's all I ever [C]wanted [D/C]
Its a street with a d[C]eal, and a t[D]aste
Its got c[Em]laws, its got me[D], its got yo[G]u [A/G]
[G] [A/G] [G] [A]  
Bbmaj13#11* Fmaj13*
Bbmaj13#11* Fmaj13*
Bbmaj13#11* C6/9* D(add9)*
E (more or less, there are alot of #9's, dominant 7's, and
such in the bass. E5 would be the safest bet here).
Any questions? Email me. (
Bo Riley
Oh, rain-BOWS. Yeah, I like those. Those are coo.

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