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My Interpretation  MIKA

[G] [Cadd9] [Em7] [F]  
 G|---------9/11---11--11--11---9--9------7---------| this is for the
 D|--------------------------------------------9----| first 3 chords of
 A|-------------------------------------------------| the intro
 E|-------------------------------------------------| (G, Cadd9, Em7)

on the last chord (the 'F') play this:

Chords you might need:
D4 = x00233
G/F# = 220033
Em = 022033 <-- i play the Em like this, it seems to sound
a little better
also, the C chord in the verses/chorus can be played three different ways:

You [G]talk about life you talk about death and [D]everything in between
Like its [C]nothing....and the [D4]words are e[D]asy
You [G]talk about me you talk about you and e[D]verything I do
Like Its S[C]omething....that n[D4]eeds rep[D]eating
[G] I Don't need an alib[A]i or for you to reali[C]ze
[C]the things we left unsaid have [D]only taken space up in our [G]heads
[G]Make it my fault win th[A]e game point the finger place th[C]e blame
it does me up and down, i[D]t doesn't matter now
Coz I don't c[G]are if [C]I never t[D]alk to you a[G]gain
[G/F#]this is [Em]not about e[A]motion do i[C] need a re[D]ason not to [G]care
what you s[C]ay or what h[D]appens anywa[G]y
[G/F#]this is [Em]my interpret[A]ation and [C]you..[D].you don't exi[G]st
[G] [Cadd9] [Em7] [F]  
The [G]first two weeks turn into ten I h[D]old my breath and wonder
when it'll [C]happen...does it r[D4]eally m[D]atter
If [G]half of what you said is true and h[D]alf of what I didn't do
were d[C]ifferent...would it m[D4]ake it b[D]etter
[G] If we forget the things we k[A]now would we have somewhere to [C]go
the only way is down, [D]i can see that now
Coz I don't[G] care i[C]f I never[D] talk to you[G] again
[G/F#]this is [Em]not about e[A]motion do i[C] need a re[D]ason not to [G]care
what you[C] say or what [D]happens anyw[G]ay
[G/F#]this is [Em]my interpret[A]ation and [C]you..[D].you don't exi[Em]st
[D] [C] [D]  
[Em]Its really n[D]ot such a [C]sacrifice...
[G] If [C]i never [D]talk to you ag[G]ain
[G/F#]this is [Em]not about e[A]motion do i[C] need a re[D]ason not to [G]care
what you[C] say or what [D]happens anyw[G]ay
[G/F#]this is [Em]my interpret[A]ation and [C]you..[D].you don't exi[G]st
G, C, D, G, G/F#, Em, A, C, D
[G] It don't h[C]ave to make no s[D]ense to you at a[G]ll
[G/F#]this is [Em]my interpret[A]ation, ye[C]ah y[D]eah y[G]eah.
[G] [Cadd9] [Em7] [F]  
End on F.
There, that's my knowledge.
Oh, I don't think that 'D4' chord is actually named D4....i just kinda guessed. The
is right tho...... i hope

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A C Cadd9 D D4 Em Em7 F G G/F#
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