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Burma-Shave  Tom Waits

Lic[Dm7]orice tat[C7]too, turned a gu[Dm7]n metal blue [C7]
[Dm7]Scrawled acros[C7]s the shou[Fm7]lders of a d[Eb]ying[G#] town [C7]
[Dm7]The one eyed ja[C7]cks, across the rail[Dm7]road tra[C7]cks
And the [Dm7]scar [C7]on its [Fm7]belly p[Eb]ulled a s[G#]tranger passing throu[C7]gh
He was a juve[Dm7]nile delinqu[C7]ent, never le[Dm7]arned how to be[C7]have
But the cop[Bbm7]s would never think to look
In B[C7]urma Sha[Dm7]ve
And the roa[Bbm7]d was like a ribbon[C7], and the m[Dm7]oon was like a b[C7]one
He d[Dm7]idn't s[C7]eem to [Fm7]be like [Eb]any g[G#]uy she'd ever know[C7]n
He kinda lo[Dm7]oked like Farley Gr[C7]ainger, with his [Dm7]hair slicked [C7]back
She says i'm a su[Dm7]cker f[C7]or a [Fm7]fella [Eb]in a c[G#]owboy h[C7]at
[Dm7]How far are you goi[C7]ng
He said depe[Dm7]nds on w[Bbm7]hat you me[C7]an
He says i'm o[Bbm7]nly stop in ' here to get some gasolin[C7]e
I g[Dm7]uess i'm going th[C7]ataway just as lo[Dm7]ng as it's pave[C7]d
And I [Bbm7]guess you'd say i'm on my way
To b[C7]urma sha[Dm7]ve
And with her kn[Bbm7]ees up on the glove co[C7]mpartment, [Dm7]took out her bar[C7]rettes
And her h[Dm7]air spilled [C]out like ro[Fm7]ot beer
And she po[G#]pped her gum and [C7]arched her back
Hell Ma[Dm7]rysville ain't not[C7]hing , but a w[Dm7]ide spot in the [C7]road
Some night my h[Bbm7]eart pounds just like thunder i don't know w[C7]hy it don't explode
[Dm7]Cause everyone in this st[C7]inking town, has got o[Dm7]ne foot in the gr[C7]ave
And i'd ra[Bbm7]ther take my chances
Out in bu[C7]rma shave[Dm7]
[Dm7]Presley's what i go[C7] by, why d[Dm7]on't you change the st[C7]ation
Count the g[Dm7]rain [C]elev[Fm7]ators in the r[G#]earview m[C7]irror
Mister anyw[Dm7]here you po[C7]int this thing, has got to b[Dm7]eat the hell out of the s[C7]ting
[Dm7]Of going to [C#]bed with ev[C7]ery dream that [Dm7]dies here every mor[C7]nin,
And so[Bbm7] drill me a [C7]hole
With a [Dm7]barber pole
I'm j[Bbm7]umping my par[C7]ole just like a [Dm7]fugitive ton[C7]ight
Why don't you [Bbm7]have another sw[C7]ig, and pass that [Dm7]car if you're so b[C7]rave
I wanna get [Bbm7]there before the sun comes up in
[C7]Burma Sha[Dm7]ve
And the s[Dm7]pider w[C]eb c[Fm7]rack a[Eb]nd the [G#]mustang sc[C7]reamed
[Dm7]Smoke f[C]rom the t[Fm7]ires a[Eb]nd the t[G#]wisted mac[C7]hine
Just a ni[Dm7]ckel's worth of dr[C7]eams and every w[Dm7]ishbone that they s[C7]aved
Lie s[Bbm7]windled from them on the way to
[C7]Burma Shav[Dm7]e
And the [Bbm7]sun hit the d[C7]errick and c[Dm7]ast a bat wing s[C7]hadow
[Bbm7]Up against the [C7]car door on the s[Dm7]hotgun side [C7]
And when they p[Bbm7]ulled her from the wre[C7]ck you know she
[Dm7]Still had on her s[C7]hades
They say that d[Bbm7]reams are growing wild just this side of
[C7]Burma Shav[Dm7]e
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