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A Whiter Shade of Pale  Keith Reid and Gary Brooker (Procul Harum)

This version includes verses 3&4 which were only performed in live shows.
Verses 3&4 were cut from the original recording so as to fit the song one side of a 45rpm.
See other versions for tabs of melody line . . .

[C]We skipped the light fan-[Am]dango
[F]and turned cartwheels across the [Dm]floor
[G]I was feeling kind of [Em]seasick  [G7]
[C]but the crowd called out for [Am]more.  [Em]
[F]The room was humming [Dm]harder
[G]as the ceiling flew a-[Em]way . .  [G7]
[C]When we called out for a-[Am]nother drink  [Em]
[F]the waiter brought a [Dm]tray
[G]And so it [C]was that [Am]later
[F]as the miller told his [Dm]tale
[G]that her face at first just [Em]ghostly
[G7]turned a [C]whiter [F]shade of [C]pale.  [G7]
[C]She said, 'There is no [Am]reason,  
[F]and the truth is plain to [Dm]see.'
[G7]But I wandered through my [Em]playing cards  [G7]
[C]and would not let her [Am]be . . [Em]
[F]One of sixteen vestal [Dm]virgins
[G7]who were leaving for the [Em]coast  [G7]
[C]and although my eyes were [Am]open  [Em]
[F]they might just as well have been [Dm]closed
[G]And so it [C]was that [Am]later
[F]as the miller told his [Dm]tale
[G]that her face at first just [Em]ghostly
[G7]turned a [C]whiter [F]shade of [C]pale.  [G7]
[C]She said, 'I'm home on [Am]shore leave,'
[F]though in truth we were at [Dm]sea
[G7]so I took her by the [Em]looking glass  [G7]
[C]and forced her to a-[Am]gree.  [Em]
[F]Saying, 'You must be the [Dm]mermaid
[G7]who took Neptuen for a [Em]ride.'  [G7]
[C]But she smiled at me so [Am]sadly  [Em]
[F]that my anger straightway [Dm]died.
[G]And so it [C]was that [Am]later
[F]as the miller told his [Dm]tale
[G]that her face at first just [Em]ghostly
[G7]turned a [C]whiter [F]shade of [C]pale.  [G7]
[C]If music be the [Am]food of love
[F]then laughter is its [Dm]queen
[G7]and likewise if be-[Em]hind is in front  [G7]
[C]then dirt in truth is [Am]clean.  [Em]
[F]My mouth by then like [Dm]cardboard
[G7]seemed to slip straight through my [Em]head.  [G7]
[C]So we crash-dived straightway [Am]quickly  [Em]
[F]and attacked the ocean [Dm]bed.
[G]And so it [C]was that [Am]later
[F]as the miller told his [Dm]tale
[G]that her face at first just [Em]ghostly
[G7]turned a [C]whiter [F]shade of [C]pale.

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Am C Dm Em F G G7

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medicinebass (report)

A Whiter Shade of Pale
Written by Keith Reid and Gary Brooker (Procul Harum)- 1967
Corrected by Brian Harding (medicinebass)
This version includes verses 3 & 4 which were only performed at live shows.
Verses 3 & 4 were cut from the original recording, so as to fit it on one side of a 45 rpm record.
The recurring Bass theme for this melody is loosely-based on Johann Sebastian Bach’s "Air on a G-string."

Key: C

C C/B Am Am/G
1. We skipped the light fandango,
F F/E Dm Dm/C
Turned cartwheels 'cross the floor.
G G/F Em G7
I was feeling kind of seasick,
C C/B Am Am/G
But, the crowd called out for more.
F F/E Dm Dm/C
The room was humming harder,
G G/F Em G7
As the ceiling flew away,
C C/B Am Am/G
When we called out for another drink,
F F/E Dm G
The waiter brought a tray.

G C C/B Am Am/G
And so it was___ that later___
F F/E Dm Dm/C
As the Miller told his tale,
G G/F Em G7
That her face, at first just ghostly,
C F C G7
Turned a whiter___ shade of pale.

C C/B Am Am/G
2.She said, 'There is no reason
F F/E Dm Dm/C
And the truth is plain to see,
G G/F Em G7
But I wandered through my playing cards
C C/B Am Am/G
And would not let her be;
F F/E Dm Dm/C
One of sixteen vestal virgins
G G/F Em G7
Who were leaving for the coast.
C C/B Am Am/G
And, although my eyes were open,___
F F/E Dm G
They might just as well been closed.

Repeat Refrain, then:
Instrumental, as per Verse, then repeat Refrain.

Verses 1 & 2 are the most popular, hence; I haven't written out Verses 3 & 4

Corrections by medicinebass