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Libera nos a malo  Ligabue

Date: Sat, 27 Dec 1997 20:51:27 +0100
From: "Ist. Magistrale \"C. De Titta\""
Subject: TAB: "Libera nos a malo" by Ligabue
Song name: "Libera nos a malo"
Artist: Luciano Ligabue
Original album name: "Lambrusco, coltelli, rose e popcorn" (Italy, 1992)
Author (words and music): Luciano Ligabue
Guitar effects used: nothing special, only a serious distorsion and
quite a lot reverb
Song speed: about 145 bpm
Notes on the song: I transcribed the arrangement of the studio version;
it can sound different from the more recent live version (from the album
"Su e gi� da un palco" - 1997).
I know that there is already a version of this song, but I think that my
transcription could be added to that one because:
- I added significant corrections to the lead guitar parts (solo and
- I rewrote (I think more exactly) the chords succession
- I transcribed in full the lyrics, which aren't present in Enrico
Ruggeri's version
- I admit that I took several things from Enrico Ruggeri's version and
I'm ready to acknowledge the fact.
Happy new year!
Marco Buccione
 E------------8- -8--7---------7---- -----------8- -8*--7---------7-12-
 B--10-10------- ------10-8-10---10- -10-10------- -------10-8-10------
 G--------7-7--- ------------------- -------7-7--- --------------------
 D-------------- ------------------- ------------- -------------------- 

(R[D]epeat this 7x,[Am] 7th time bend down t[G]he * note by t[C]rem bar and don't play the remaining stuff)
1st verse:
Oh, mama, mama, che cosa ho fatto?
[D]Son scivolato an[Am]cora dentro un letto
[G]Ma, mama, mama, c[C]he devo dire?[F] [C]
[D]O era amore o so[Am]migliava bene
[G] [C] [F] [C]  
Oh, mama,
[D]m'hanno [Am]creato tutto sbagliato
[G]Oh, mama,[C]
[D]per� n[Am]on riesco a capire il mio peccato
[G] [A]  
Libera nos a malo
[D]Per� il mio[Am] male qual �?
[G]Libera piano piano:[C]
[D]forse scordia[Am]mo com'�
[G]Libera nos a malo[F]
[D]toglici pure [Am]il perch�
G C (w\end fig.1)
Libera libera libe, libera libera libera, libera
[D] [Am] [G] [F] 
Fig. 1:
 E----------- -------- -------- -------------
 B----------- -------- -------- ----6/5--6/5-
 G--7--7-6--- -------- -------- -5-----------
 D--7------7- -7------ -5------ -5-----------
 A--5-------- -7--3-5- -5------ -3-----------
 E----------- -5------ -3--1-3- ------------- 

[D] [Am] [G] [C]  
 E----------- -------- -------- ------------------
 B----------- -------- -------- ------------------
 G--7--7-6--- -------- -------- ------------------
 D--7------7- -7------ -5------ -3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3--
 A--5-------- -7--3-5- -5------ -3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3--
 E----------- -5------ -3--1-3- -1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-- 

[D] [Am] [G] [F]  
Play 2 times the riff, then...
...2nd verse (the same chords as before):
Oh, mama, mama, sar� cattivo,
ma sono carne e sangue, insomma vivo
Eccomi, mama, col capo chino,
com'� il castigo? Perch� il castigo?
Oh, mama,
lei stava bene, io stavo bene
Oh, mama,
o � proprio questo che non si pu� dire?
Libera nos a malo,
per� il mio male qual �?
Libera piano piano
che ci scordiamo com'�
Libera nos a malo,
toglici pure il perch�
Libera libera libe, libera libera libera, libera
Then there's the solo:
 E--------- ----------------- ------------------- -----------------
 B-12b(15)- ----------------- ------------------- -----------------
 G--------- -----------10---- ----------10-10-12- -----------10----
 D--------- -----10-12----12- ----10-12----10-12- -----10-12----12-
 A--------- -/12------------- -12---------------- -/12-------------
 E--------- ----------------- ------------------- ----------------- 

[D] [Am] [G] 
 E-------------------- -13---------------------------------------------
 B-------------------- ----15-13-15-13----15-13----13------------------
 G-----------10-12-10\ ----------------14-------14----12-14-12---12----
 D----10-12--10-12-10\ ----------------------------------------15--12\-
 A-12----------------- ------------------------------------------------
 E-------------------- ------------------------------------------------ 

[C] [D] [Am] 
+ + + + + + + + (+ = tapping)
 E--------------------------------------------- ------
 B-13-8-12-8----------------------------------- -*-
 A-----------14-10-12-10----------------------- -*-
 G-----------------------15-10-14-10----------- -*-
 D-----------------------------------14-8-10-8- -*-
 E--------------------------------------------- ------ 

* [G]= apply tremolo by bar[C]
(guitar stops; only bass and keyboards)
Perdo il numero di casa
[D]andando dietro[F] me
[C]e, al ritorno, c[Am]hiedo scusa
[D]e non so perch[F]
[C] [A] [A]  
(guitar plays stopped chords)
Gi� le mani, gi� i pensieri,
[D]gi� tutto il c[Am]orpo, gi� tutto te.
[G]Gi� le mani, gi�[C] i pensieri,
[D]gi� tutto il c[Am]orpo, gi� tutto te.
[G] [C]  
(guitar plays normal 8-beat)
Gi� le mani, gi� i pensieri,
[D]gi� tutto il c[Am]orpo, gi� tutto te, all'inferno!
[G]Gi� le mani, gi�[C] i pensieri,
[D]gi� tutto il c[Am]orpo, gi� tutto te.
[G] [C]  
Libera nos a malo
[D]Libera piano [Am]piano[G] [C]
[D]Libera nos a [Am]malo[G] [F]
[D]Libera piano [Am]piano[G] [C]
[D] [Am] [G] [F]  
 E---------------- ----------- -----
 B---------------- ----------- --3--
 G--7-7--7-7------ ----------- --2--
 D--7-7--7-7--7-5- ----------- --0--
 A--5-5--5-5--7-7- ----3---3-- -----
 E------------5-5- --3---3---- ----- 

[D] [Am] [C] [D]  

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