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We Are the Champions  Queen

Subject: CRD: Queen: We Are The Champions
As requested, here's "We Are The Champions" by Queen. I've got all chords and
they are correct, but I haven't figured out how to make them yet. Perhaps
someone could help me with it. If so, e-mail me at
I'll repost the song when it's complete.

Words and Music by
Freddie Mercury
Chords used:
[Ab6] [-]  
[Abadd9/Eb]Am [-]- x02210
[Bb]Bb/D [-]- [113331]xx0331
[Bb9] [-]  
[Bb11] [-]  
[Bbm6] [-]  
[Bbm9dim5]C [-]- x32010
C7 - x32310
C7/G - 332310
[C13b9/E]Cm [-]- x35353
[Cm7/G] [-] [335353]  
[Cm11] [-]  
[D7b9/F#]Dm [-]- xx0231
Eb - x68886
[Ebadd9/G] [-]  
[Edim/G] [-]  
[F] [-] [133211]  
[Fm] [-] [133111]  
[F#dim] [-]  
[Gm7]Gm7/F [-]- [353333]xx3333
I've paid my_ dues,__________
[Cm11] [Cm]  
time af-ter time,______________
[Cm11] [Cm]  
I've done my___ sen-tence,
[Cm11] [Cm]  
but com-mit-ted no__ crime._________
[Cm11] [Eb]  
And bad mis- takes,
[Abadd9/Eb] [Eb]  
I've made a few,____________
[Abadd9/Eb] [Eb] [Bb/D] 
I've had my_ share of sand kicked in my_
[Cm7/G] [F] [Bb]  
face, but I've come____ through.
(And I need to go
[Bb11] [Bbm9dim5] [Bb9] [C7] 
on and on and on and on.)
[F] [Am]  
We__________ are the cham- pions my
[Dm] [Bb] [C] 
friends,________ and
[F] [Am]  
we'll_________ keep on figh- ting__ till the
[Bb] [F#dim] [D7b9/F#] 
[Gm7] [C7/G]  
We are the cham- pions,
[Bbm6] [C13b9/E] [Edim/G] 
We are the cham- pions,
[F] [Ebadd9/G]  
no____ time for los- ers, 'cause
[Ab6] [Bb]  
we are the cham- pions
[Cm11] [Fm]  
of the world.___________________________
[Gm7/F] [Fm]  
[Gm7/F] [Fm]  
[Gm7/F] [Cm]  
I've ta-ken my__ bows,
[Cm11] [Cm]  
and my__ cur-tain calls,_
[Cm11] [Cm]  
you brought me fame and for-tune and ev-'ry-thing
[Cm11] [Cm]  
that goes with it, I thank you all.
[Cm11] [Eb]  
But it's been no bed of ro- ses,________
[Abadd9/Eb] [Eb]  
no plea-sure cruise,______
[Abadd9/Eb] [Eb] [Bb/D] 
I con-si-der it a chal-lenge be-fore the whole hu-man
[Cm7/G] [F] [Bb]  
race and I ain't gon-na lose.________
(And I need to go
[Bb11] [Bbm9dim5] [Bb9] [C7] 
on and on and on and on.)
[F] [Am]  
__________________ are the cham- pions my
[Dm] [Bb] [C] 
friends,_______ and
[F] [Am]  
we'll____ keep on fight- ing____ till____
[Bb] [F#dim] [D7b9/F#] 
__ the end.______
[Gm7] [C7/G]  
We are the cham- pions,
[Bbm6] [C13b9/E] [Edim/G] 
we are the cham- pions,
[F] [Ebadd9/G]  
no___ time for los- ers, 'cause
[Ab6] [Bb]  
we are the cham- pions
[Cm11] [F]  
We________________ are the
(of the world.___________)
[Am] [Dm]  
cham- pions__ my friends,______
[Bb] [C] [F]  
and we'll_____ keep on
[Am] [Bb]  
fight- ing___ til the end.____
[F#dim] [D7b9/F#] [Gm7]  
Ah, we are the
(we are the
[C7/G] [Bbm6]  
cham- pions, we are the
cham- pions, we are the
[C13b9/E] [Edim/G] [F]  
cham- pions, no____ time for
cham- pions, ooh,__________________________
[Ebadd9/G] [Ab6]  
lo- sers, 'cause we are the
_________ we are the
[Bb] [Cm11]  
cham- pions.
cham- pions.)

/ \ Arjan Houtman
/ \_ _/ \ University of Utrecht
\ \_ _/ /
/ < > \ E-Mail:
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"He who does not punish evil commands it to be done."
Leonardo da Vinci
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Ab6 Am Bb Bb/D Bb11 Bb9 Bbm6 C C7 C7/G Cm Cm11 Cm7/G Dm Eb Edim/G F F#dim Fm Gm7 Gm7/F
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