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Black Cow  Steely Dan

Date: Mon, 18 Sep 1995 12:14:02 +0100
From: (Howard Wright)
Black Cow - Steely Dan

From the album AJA
Arranged by Howard Wright
Helped with lyrics by Richard Kunert

In the [C9]corner of my eye I saw you in Rudy's you were very high
[A7#9]You were [C/D]high it was a [E7#9]crying disgrace (They[Bb/Eb] saw your face)
On the [C9]counter by your keys was a book of numbers and your remedies
[A7#9]One of th[C/D]ese surely will [E7#9] screen out the sorrow
But [Bb/Eb]where are you to[D/E]morrow

I can't [Amaj7]cry anymore while you [G/A]run around (while you [C/D]run [(2)]around)[Amaj7]
[Gmaj7]Break aw[F#m7]ay just when it [C#m/E]seems so [Eb7]clear that it's [D/E]over[(2)] [Aadd2/C#]now
Drink your [F#m7]big [(2)] [E]black [Dmaj7]cow and get [C/D]out [(2)]of here[Eb/F]

[Bb9] Down [B9] to G[C9]reen street there you go....
(The rest is as for verse 1)
....lookin' so outrageous and they tell you so
You should know how all the pro's play the game
(You change your name)
Like a ganster on the run
You will stagger homeward to your precious one
I'm the one who must make everything right
Talk it out till daylight

I don't care anymore why you run around (why you run around)
Break away , just when it seems so clear that it's over now
Drink your big black cow and get out of here

[G9] [A9]  
[Eb/Bb] [C6/9] [Bb7sus4]  
[D9] [E9]  
[Bb/F] [G/A] [(2)] [Eb/F] [D/E]  

This last chorus is the same as the others except for the last bit which goes :
Drink your [F#m7]big [(2)] [E]black [Dmaj7]cow and get [Amaj7]out of here[G/A]
[C/D] [(2)] [Amaj7] [G] [6/9]  
Amaj7 (2) G/A C/D (2) Amaj7 (2) G 6/9 (Repeat this line to fade)
Chord shapes :

Don't be put off beacause there are a lot of shapes - there are some unusual
chords, but quite a few are really duplicates (e.g Bb9,B9,C9) and some chords
have two shapes to choose from (C/D,D/E)
*** Note for convenience I've written a for 10 and b for 11 ***
[C9] [A7#9] [C/D] [E7#9] [Bb/Eb] [D/E] [Amaj7] 
[G/A] [C/D] [(2)] [Gmaj7] [F#m7] [C#m/E] [Eb7] [D/E] [(2)] 
[EADGBE]x4x455 [EADGBE]x9b9a9 [EADGBE]x79997 [EADGBE]x57675 [EADGBE]x8x886 [EADGBE]6x656x [EADGBE]7x767x
[Aadd2/C#] [F#m7] [(2)] [E] [Dmaj7] [Eb/F] [Bb9] [B9] 
[EADGBE]3x323x [EADGBE]5x545x [EADGBE]6xx88x [EADGBE]x5445x [EADGBE]6x68xx [EADGBE]x5455x [EADGBE]x7677x
[G9] [A9] [Eb/Bb] [C6/9] [Bb7sus4] [D9] [E9] 
[EADGBE]X8Xaxa [EADGBE]x0x7x7 [EADGBE]3xx455 [EADGBE]x07654
[Bb/F] [G/A] [(2)] [G] [6/9] [Amaj7] [(2)] 
If I left any chord shapes out let me know.
Hope you enjoy it!

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A7#9 A9 Aadd2/C# Amaj7 B9 Bb/F Bb7sus4 Bb9 C#m/E C/D C6/9 C9 D/E D9 Dmaj7 E E7#9 E9 Eb/F Eb7 F#m7 G G9 Gmaj7
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