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Can't Stop Lovin' You  Van Halen

Can't Stop Lovin' You
Van Halen (Balance)
Transcribed by: Bob Brockman (

This song is actually in A, but I first scoped in out in G and it's
(I think) easier to play that way (for me, anyhow) with more open
strings. Eddie obviously doesn't share my limitations...
There are several one-off sections in this song, most of which lead
into the chorus or solo sections; I've isolated them and labeled them
"pre-chorus" or whatever.

Intro: Gsus4 G Gsus2 G (all strummed)
Reasonable facsimile of next intro part:
(Palm muting on beats in between, I think)
 Gsus4 G Gsus2 G Em+C Em Esus4 Em ------ NOTE ------
 e ------------------------- ---------------------------- This bit and many
 B --h1-----0-----0-----0--- --1-----0-----0-----0------- variations of it
 G ---0-----0-----2-----0--- --0-----0-----2-----0---2/4- is used throughout
 D ---0-----0-----0-----0--- --2-----2-----2-----2------- the song, whenever
 A ------------------------- --------2-----2------------- G-Em-C-D appears.
 E ---3--------3-----3------ --0-----------0------------- 

C D D6 D Gsus4 (etc)
 e ------------------------- ---------
 B ---1--1--0--3--0--3------ ---1-----
 G ---0--0-----2--2--2------ ---0-----
 D ---2--2-----0--0--0------ ---0-----
 A ---3--3------------------ ---------
 E ------------------------- ---3-----

Verse 1:
there's a [G]time and place for everything, for [Em]everyone
we can [C]push with all our [D]might
but nothin's [G]gonna come, oh no, nothin's [Em]gonna change
and if i [C]asked you not to [D]try
Pre-chorus 1:
oh could you let it [Em]be
i wanna [C]hold you and say, we can't [Am]throw this all away
tell me you [F]won't go, you won't go, do you [D]have to hear me say
i can't stop [G]lovin' you, and no matter what i [Em]say or do
you know my [C]heart is true, o[D]h, i can't stop [G]lovin' you
Fill between chorus and verse (well, sorta):
 e ---3--5--2------------------
 B ---3--------3--1--0---------
 G ---2-----2-----2-----2--0---
 D ---0-----------0------------
 A ----------------------------
 E ---------------------------- 

Verse 2:
you can [G]change your friends, your place in life, you can [Em]change your mind
we can [C]change the things we [D]say and do [G]anytime
oh no, but i [Em]think you'll find
that when you [C]look inside your [D]heart
Pre-chorus 2:
oh baby, i'll be [Am]there, yeah
[Bb]hold on, i'm [Gm]holding on
baby, just [Eb]come on, come on, come on, i just [D]wanna hear you say
Chorus (same as Chorus 1)
i can't stop lovin' you, and no matter what i say or do
you know my heart is true, oh, i can't stop lovin' you
oh, i'm so [Am]twisted and tied, and [D]all i re[Bm]member[G]
was [Am]how hard we tried, only to sur[D]render
Interlude and Solo:
[Bb]C - [C]C - Bb (3x)
[C] [-] [C] [-] [G]  
Pre-chorus 3:
[G]and when it's over, i [Em]know how it's gonna be
and true [C]love will never [D]die, no, not [G]fade away
Chorus 3:
and i can't stop [G]lovin' you, and no matter what i [Em]say or do
you know my [C]heart is true, [D]oh, i can't stop [G]lovin' you
and i know what i [Em]got to do
hey, ray, what you [C]said is true, [D]oh, i can't stop [G]lovin' you[Em] [C] [D]
oh, oh, i can't stop [Gsus4]lovin' [G]you[Gsus2] [G]
This is the first part of "Can't Stop Loving You" by Van Halen from
what I can figure out. It isn't much but when it's repeated
with a little improvising it covers most of the song. Enjoy.
Van Halen
"Can't Stop Loving You"
off of the album: Balance
Transcribed by Kevin Hill (
 e ----------------------------------------
 B -3-3-3-----2----2--------0---------2----
 G -2-2-2-----2----2--------2---------2----
 D -2-2-2-----2----2--------2---------2----
 A -0-0-0-----0----0--------0---------0----
 E ---------------------------------------- 

[A] [F#] [D]  
 e -------------------- -------------------- --------------------
 B -3--2----0-0----2--- -3--2----0-0----2--- -3--------3--3--3---
 G -2--2----2-2----2--- -2--2----2-2----2--- -2--------2--2--2---
 D -2--2----2-2----2--- -2--2----2-2----2--- -0--0--0--0--0--0---
 A -------------------- -------------------- --------------------
 E -------------------- -------------------- -------------------- 

[E] [A]  
 e -------------------- --------------------
 B -------------------- -3--2--0----2-2-2---
 G -1---------1-1-1---- -2--2--2----2-2-2--- "There's a time..."
 D -2---------2-2-2---- -2--2--2----2-2-2---
 A -2---------2-2-2---- -0--0--0----0-0-0---
 E -0---------0-0-0---- -------------------- 

Comments and suggestions are always welcome...
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 1997 10:26:25 -0800 (PST)
From: Gerald Brisson
Subject: Can't stop lovin' you-Van Halen-CD,Balance
Here is a cool Van Halen song. All I know is the main
riff and the solo which is surprisingly easy for an
Eddie solo. Anyways here is Cant stop loving you.
 ---0------------------ -----------------------
 ---3---3---2---0---2-- ---10---10^---9--10--10
 ---2---2---2---2---2-- -----------------------
 ---2---2---2---2---2-- -----------------------
 ---0------------------ -----------------------
 ---------------------- ----------------------- 

Also on the verse a second guitarist strums the second fret
on the top E string(thickest), or you can use your thumb
as Eddie does.
 ------------------------------------------ ----------
 ---8---7\5----5---5\8----8/10---10\8\7\5-- ----------
 ------------------------------------------ ----------
 ------------------------------------------ ----------
 ------------------------------------------ ----------
 ------------------------------------------ ----------
 --------------------------- ------------------------
 --------------------------- ------------------------
 -------------------5\7\9--- -----4------------------
 -----------5\7\9----------- --4----5------2-------2-
 ---5\7\9------------------- --5------5----2-----2---
 --------------------------- --5-----------3---3-----
 --0---- --------------------------------- -----------
 --0---- --------------------------------- -----------
 --2---- ---7/9----7---6------------------ -----------
 --2---- ------------------7-------------- -----------
 --0---- ----------------------7---5---4-- -----------
 ------- --------------------------------- -----------

This is almost the whole solo. I changed it to Eddie's
live version. So it is a bit easier than the Cd.
It'll do anyways. Good Luck

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