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Your Song  Elton John

[D]It's a little bit [Gmaj7]funny, this[A] feeling in[F#m]side
[Bm]I'm not one of [Bm/A]those who can [Bm/Ab]easily hi[G]de
[D]Don't have much [A]money, but, [F#]boy if I [Bm]did
[D]I'd buy a big [Em7]house where [G]we both could [A]live

[D]If I was a [Gmaj7]sculptor, but[A] then ag[F#m]ain no
[Bm]Or a man who [Bm/A]makes potions in a [Bm/Ab]traveling [G]show
[D]I know it's not [A]much but it's the [F#]best I can [Bm]do
[D]My gift is my [Em7]song, and [G]this one's for [D]you

[A]And you can tell [Bm]everybody [Em7]this is your [G]song
[A]It may be [Bm]quite simple [Em]but now that it's [G]done
I [Bm]hope you don't mind, I [Bm/A]hope you don't mind
[Bm/Ab]That I put down in [G]words,
How [D]wonderful [Em]life is while [G]you're in the [A]world
[D]I sat on the [Gmaj7]roof and [A]kicked off the [F#m]moss
[Bm]Well a few of the [Bm/A]verses [Bm/Ab]well they've got me quite [G]cross
[D]But the sun's been quite [A]kind, while I [F#]wrote this [Bm]song
[D]It's for people like [Em7]you that they [G]keep it turned [A]on
[D]So excuse me [Gmaj7]forgetting, but[A] these things I [F#m]do
[Bm]You see I've for[Bm/A]gotten if they're [Bm/Ab]green or they're [G]blue
[D]Anyway, the [A]thing is, [F#]what I reallly [Bm]mean
[D]Yours are the [Em7]sweetest eyes [G]I've ever [D]seen
[A]And you can tell [Bm]everybody [Em7]this is your [G]song
[A]It may be [Bm]quite simple [Em]but now that it's [G]done
I [Bm]hope you don't mind, I [Bm/A]hope you don't mind
[Bm/Ab]That I put down in [G]words,
How [D]wonderful [Em]life is while [G]you're in the [A]world
I [Bm]hope you don't mind, I [Bm/A]hope you don't mind
[Bm/Ab]That I put down in [G]words,
How [D]wonderful [Em]life is while [G]you're [A]in the [D]world

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A Bm Bm/A Bm/Ab D Em Em7 F# F#m G Gmaj7

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mekidsmom (report)

Thank you for the suggestions on changing key! It's always difficult to pull off a piano song on guitar, and the comments are super helpful!

curak (report)

I think it should be.."but the suns been quite KIND, ..."
For the Am/G Am/F# - just play normal Am then move your thumb over the G, then F#, then a Full F for the Base line (G,F#,F).

champlambert (report)

As a beginner, I found this easier to play by transposing to the key of G (+ 5 semitones). Then, in line 2 of each verse, I play Em7 instead of Em/D, and Cmaj7 instead of Em/Db. Sounds OK to me. Regarding the lyrics: in verse 1, line 3, the word "have" is missing (I don't have much money). In verse 3, line 2, I suggest "cross" instead of "crossed", and in line 3, "kind now" (or perhaps "quiet now") instead of "quite king", and in line 4 "keep me" instead of "they keep". In verse 4, line 1 should be "So excuse me forgetting, but these things I do". Hope this helps someone!

cashew (report)

As far as for difficulty levels, this one is not bad at all, and most if not all of the chords are EASY first position chords on the ukulele.

aphomegrown (report)

I agree that this is definitely NOT aimed at the newbie, but it's not overly difficult this way, either, when considering the original instrument. That said, I think the A that follows the Gmaj7 in the verses is off. I'm not really sure where to take it, but it seems of. I tried Bm7 and it seemed a little better, but then, I'm fingering the song, so I may just be missing the note in the A somehow.

vanfireman (report)

An easy way to play this *may not match tone of recording but nice sounding nonetheless*...transpose -2 (Capo2)...easy chords. Don't get freaked by the Am/G, Am/F. Play a normal Am, move your ring finger to top string ("C" handshape), so you play 302010 and 202010 respectively. Trust me.

souke (report)

you really think this song is for an "ABSOLUTE BEGINNER"??!! are you one? do you remember being one? often times it makes "absolute beginners" feel like idiots if they can't play this... even though there is no way they should know all this!