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The Tailor  Blitzen Trapper

Tuning: Standard EADGBe
[G] [Bb] [C] [Dm] [F] [Gm]  
 e --3-------0---1---1---3---
 B --3---3---1---3---1---3---
 G --0---3---0---2---2---3---
 D --0---3---2---0---3---5---
 A --2---1---3-------3---5---
 E --3-------3-------1---3--- 

I'm a [G]long way from my home
I was [Bb]borne on the ra[C]ging se[Dm]a
And when I fi[F]rst struck l[Bb]and, with my [C]head in ha[F]nd
I built a ho[Dm]use out of an o[F]ld oak tre[C]e
And raised a f[Dm]amily out of [F]earth and electr[C]icit[Gm]y
And I was [G]king of my domain
But my [Bb]fortitude appr[C]oved in va[Dm]in
And when the [F]locust c[Bb]ame like a [C]summer ra[F]in
Devouring [Dm]everything that [F]I held dea[C]r
And all I'd [Dm]worked for simply [F]disappear[C]ed
So I [F]crept awa[Bb]y, for I had [C]debts to pa[F]y
And joined the [Dm]army as a [F]privatee[C]r
Yeah, it was the[Dm]n, the wind had [F]whispered, but I [C]would not he[Gm]ar
Acoustic guitar solo (chords written above the bar):
[G] [Gm]  
 e ----------------- ----------------- ------------------ -8----------------
 B -------------5-7s 10-7s5----------- -----------6-8s10- ---10s8-6---------
 G -----0---4-7----- -------7-4p0----- -----0---5-------- ----------7p0-----
 D -0h5---5--------- -------------4--- -0h5---5---------- --------------7---
 A ----------------- ---------------5- ------------------ ------------------
 E ----------------- ----------------- ------------------ ------------------ 

 e --------------8-10s 13-10s8------------
 B -------6-8s10------ --------10-8-6-----
 G -----7------------- ---------------7-5-
 D -5h7--------------- -------------------
 A ------------------- -------------------
 E ------------------- ------------------- --> repeat solo twice.

So we [G]sailed out across the land
Through an [Bb]ocean made of [C]sinking [Dm]sand
And though I [F]lost my m[Bb]en, I was [C]born agai[F]n
As a ta[Dm]ilor in an u[F]nknown la[C]nd
With a [F]needle and some [Dm]thread in ha[C]nd
Mending [F]suits and sl[Bb]acks, stitching [C]up the cra[F]cks
In the ba[Dm]cks of my [F]neighbour's he[C]ads
And soon the [Dm]word, yeah, of my [F]work had sp[C]read through the to[Gm]wn
 e ---------------------- -------------------
 B -3s10-8----8---------- ------------10-8---
 G --------10---7-10-9-7- -9------9-7------7-
 D ---------------------- ---10-7------------
 A ---------------------- -------------------
 E ---------------------- ------------------- 

[Gm] [Dm] [Am] [F] [C]  
 e ---0-----0---------1-----1------- ---0-----0---------0-------0-----
 B -----3-----3---------3-----3----- -----1-----1---------3-------3---
 G -------3-----3---------2-----2--- -------2-----2---------2-------2-
 D -----------------0-------------0- -----------------3---------------
 A --------------------------------- -0-------------0---------3-------
 E -3-------------3----------------- --------------------------------- 

So be[G]fore the king I stood
I said, I c[Bb]ome from the r[C]aging s[Dm]ea
And let the [F]truth be t[Bb]old, I am [C]not so o[F]ld
As you might [Dm]first have taken [F]me to b[C]e
For numbers [F]never could apply[Dm] to me[C]
For I'm as [F]old as t[Bb]ime, and maybe [C]half as bli[F]nd
What some of yo[Dm]u might call inf[F]inity[C]
Yeah, I'm the ta[Dm]ilor of the ea[F]rth and electr[C]icity[Gm]
**Repeat acoustic guitar solo
End with this solo (time signature changes to 7/8)
 e --------------- ----------------
 B -------------5- -7s10-7s5-------
 G -----0---4-7--- ----------7-4p0-
 D -0h5---5------- ----------------
 A --------------- ----------------
 E --------------- ---------------- --> fade out

s slide
h hammer-on
p pull-off

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