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The Houseplant Song  Audio Adrenaline

CD: Underdog
K this song is really easy it just three chords the whole way
through so don't complain.
The chords are:
[E] [G] [A]  
 E--0-- E--3-- E--5-----|
 B--0-- B--3-- B--5---|
 G--1-- G--4-- G--6---|
 D--2-- D--5-- D--7---|
 A--2-- A--5-- A--7---|
 E--0-- E--3-- E--5-----|

(hey Smooth Steve, where's my skinny boy decaffe latte no
foam?) Hi this is Smooth Steve from K-Jazz welcome to "Java the Hut."
Tonight we got a special guest a young man from? (where ya from?)
He's playin' a new song, here we go.
Thanks Smooth Steve. Hey this is a song about a book I read
once about the "so called" apparent evils of Rock and Roll. And I
wrote this little song about it. Uh, I guess I'd just like to thank,
uh, thank you all for commin' out and sing this song tonight. Here it
I'm sorry but your gonna have to listen to the song to get the
strumming pattern cuz I cant show you here.
[E]Once I read a book,[E] and [G]this is what it said,[G]
"If your m[A]usic has a beat,[A] [E] then your gonna wind up dead.[E]
It [E]doesn't really matter if its [G]Christian or not,
If its s[A]yncopated rhythm then your so[A]ul is gonna rot."
E(slide)A A(slide)E
And this book was called "AH YOUR GONNA BURN"
E(slide)A A(slide)E E(silence)E
And in the second chapter, I went on to learn.
[E]Take two [G]houseplants and [A]put 'em to the [E]test,
Set 'em [E]both in front of [G]speakers and let the [A]music do the rest.[E]
The f[E]irst one you play [G]Mozart or so[A]methin' lovely like t[E]hat,
The [E]second one you play that [G]Petra and that [A]Megadeath.[E]
(quad. strum E)
Doesn't really matter what kind of rock it is.
So I t[E]ook my two [G]houseplants and I pre[A]sented them to the [E]test.
Set 'em [E]both in front of s[G]peakers and let the[A] music do the[E] rest.
I [E]powered up my [G]Pioneers and [A]let the music roar[E].
E G A E (quad. strum E)
But twenty minutes later someone's knocking at my door.
(thump your guitar if you have an acoustic)
I [E]opened up my door[EE], a[E]nd th[G]ere my neighbour stood.
He said, "[A]Man I'd like to get some sleep;[E] if ya really think I
I said, "[E]Man, can't you [G]see here I got a [A]moral dilemma that I have
G[E]otta get clear."
He said, "[E]What kinda moral dilemma could you have at[G] this time of
Night that would m[A]ake me so angry that I[E] just wanna fight?"
(here's a tip, save you a couplea bux, don't break anything just imagine
breaking something.)
Sorry, so I p[E]ointed to a page,[G] in that open book, it had a [A]picture of
A potted plant and I said, [E] "go have a look." And he read?
[E]Take two h[G]ouse plants and [A]put em' to the [E]test,
Set em' [E]both in front of [G]speakers and let the[A] music do the[E] rest.
The [E]first one you play [G]Mozart or som[A]ething lovely like t[E]hat,
The [E]second one you play that [G]Petra and that [A]Megadeath.[E]
Doesn't really matter what kind of rock it is.
 E-------------------------------------------------0-|-------|This may sound
 B------------------0----0---0---3----------2------0-|-------|wrong or maybe
 G-------1----1---1---0----0----------0---0---3-4--1-|-------| be wrong but
 D-2-2-2---2----2------------------0----0----------2-|-------|that?s what it
 A-------------------------------------------------2-|-------|sounds like to
 E-------------------------------------------------0-|-------| me.

"[E]First of all," he said, "that's [G]Vogner that your playin', I've [A]never
E E(silence)E
heard of Petra and isn't Megadeath all dead?"
And s[E]econdly and [G]thatically he [A]asked me what's the[E] sense?
Of [E]hangin' out with [G]houseplants he said, "hey I[A] live right across the
And I thought to myself, you know that?s a good point.
So I [E]took my two [G]houseplants and I [A]put em' both out[E]side,
And [E]me and my [G]neighbour we [A]went out for a [E]drive.
We [E]talked about [G]all the things that [A]really matter [E]most.
Like [E]life and love and [G]happiness and [A]then the Holy Ghost[E].
([E]Naaaaah [G]Naaaaaah [A]Naaaaah [E]Naaaaah)
So [E]now my two [G]houseplants can [A]sit out in the [E]sun,
And [E]as for my [G]neighbour well our [A]friendship has [E]become,
A [E]meaningful re[G]lationship that?s [A]headed strait for [E]heaven.
But [E]as for now we [G]like to sit around and listen to [A]Audio Adrenaline,
E E!E!E!E!E!E!E! (just play hard until you get tired
Thanks a lot you guys thanks, you?re a wonderful audience. I'd like
to thank my band Audio Adrenaline for commin' up here, and drivin'
all night to back me up thanks. Oh and uh, don't forget to tip your
waiters and waitresses thanks.(E!)(hey Smooth Steve where's my skinny
boy decaffe latte no-foam?)
Comments, Questions or maybe even Changes (which I highly doubt)
for real address.

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