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A Day in the Life  The Beatles

| [G]/ / [Bm/F#] / / | [Em]/ / [Em7/D] / / | [C]/ / / / | / / / / |
[Verse 1] 
[G] I read the [Bm/F#]news today, oh, [Em]boy,[Em7/D]
[C] About a l[C/B]ucky man who [Asus2]made the grade,
[G] And though[G/A] the [Bm]news was rather [Em]sad,[Em7/D]
[C] [C/E] [F] [Em] [Em7/D]  
 Well, I just had to laugh------,

[C] [C/E] [F] [Em] [C]  
 I saw the photograph--------!

[Verse 2] 
[G] He blew his [Bm/F#]mind out in a [Em]car,[Em7/D]
[C] He didn't n[C/B]otice that the [Asus2]lights had changed,
[G] A crowd[G/A] of p[Bm]eople stood and s[Em]tared,[Em7/D]
[C] They'd seen [C/E]his f[F]ace before,
No[Em]body was really sure if[Em7/D] he was from the House of Lo[C]rds!
[Verse 3] 
[G] I saw a [Bm/F#]film today, oh, [Em]boy,[Em7/D]
[C] The English [C/B]Army had just[Asus2] won the war,
[G] A crowd[G/A] of p[Bm/F#]eople turned a[Em]way,[Em7/D]
[C] But I [C/E]just h[F]ad to look, [Em] having[Em7/D] read the b[C]ook,
[Cmaj7] [Em/F#] [Em/G] [Em/A] [Em/B]  
 I'd love to turn--- you---- on----!

| / / / / | / / / / |
|[Em/C] / / [Em/C#] / / | [Em/D] / / / / |
[Verse 4] 
| [E]/ / / / | / / / / | Wo[E]ke up, got out of bed,
Dragged a comb across my [Dsus2]head,[Dsus2/A] [Dsus2] [Dsus2/A]
[Dsus2] [Dsus2/A] Found my w[E]ay downstairs, and [B7sus4]drank a cup,[B7]
And, lo[E]oking up, I n[B7sus4]oticed I was late, ([B7]Hah - hah - hah!)
Found my c[E]oat, and grabbed my hat,
Made the bus in seconds [Dsus2]flat,[Dsus2/A] [Dsus2] [Dsus2/A]
[Dsus2] [Dsus2/A] Found my w[E]ay upstairs, and[F#m7] had a smoke,[B7]
And some[E]body spoke, and I [F#m7]went into a dr[B7]eam!
[Verse 5] 
[C] [G] [D] [D4] [D] [A]  
 Ah---ah - ah, ah! Ah - ah, hah----, ah - ah, ah!

[E] [C] [G] [D] [D4] [D] [A]  
 Ah -ah, ah-----ah-----! Ah--- ah! Ah - ah, ah, ah - ah, ah!

| [E]/ / [D]/__[C]/ /__[D]/ |
[Verse 6] 
[G] I heard the [Bm/F#]news today, oh, [Em]boy,[Em7/D]
[C] Four thousand h[C/B]oles in Blackburn, L[Asus2]ancashire,
[G] And though the [Bm/F#]holes were rather s[Em]mall,[Em7/D]
[C] They had[C/E] to c[F]ount them all,
[Em]Now they know how many holes it [Em7/D]takes to fill the Albert H[C]all,
[Cmaj7] [Em/F#] [Em/G] [Em/A] [Em/B]  
 I'd love to turn--- you---- on----!

| / / / / | / / / / |
|[Em/C] / / [Em/C#] / / | [Em/D] / / / / | [E5]/ ||

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A Asus2 B7 B7sus4 Bm Bm/F# C C/B C/E Cmaj7 D D4 Dsus2 Dsus2/A E E5 Em Em/A Em/B Em/C Em/C# Em/D Em/F# Em7/D F F#m7 G
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